Wild vs Farmed Salmon: Considering Sustainability, Nutrition, and Freshness

When it comes to salmon, you have to pick from different species, colours, sizes, and flavour profiles. Also, salmon are raised in various ways that can benefit or harm your health or affect the environment. If you want to buy salmon, here is a guide to help you make the right choice:

Farmed vs Wild Salmon

When you buy Papa Earth wild caught salmon, you will know if it is caught or raised through the label. Also, the label gives information like the location the meat was processed and whether it is wild-caught or farm-raised. If you cannot find this information on the label, you can ask someone at the shop.

When picking between wild salmon and farmed salmon, you may make your choice based on what’s sustainable and nutritious. Sustainable salmons mean the first was farmed or caught in a way that guarantees healthy fish populations with minimal effect on the environment.

Considering the Sustainability of Farmed and Wild Salmon

Salmon farmers can produce the fish sustainably, depending on how they farm the fish and where farming takes place. For example, some inland farms that recycle water may be more sustainable than open-ocean pens. When an open-ocean farm is not maintained safely, it can threaten the populations of wild salmon and cause bigger environmental issues.

Meanwhile, there are many ways to catch wild salmon; however, it is not enough to know the fishing method only. F to determine its sustainability. For instance, troll-caught salmon can be sustainable or not. Regardless of the way the fish is caught, sustainable wild salmon is obtained from fish populations that are not close to extinction.

Wild vs Farmed Salmon Nutrition

Farmed and wild salmon consume various diets that provide them with varying nutritional profiles. Wild salmon contains a high amount of calcium, potassium, iron, and zinc. Farmed Atlantic salmon is known for its high fat content. Both salmon are great sources of omega-3 fats.

Wild salmon is not produced using antibiotics. Also, producing it has minimal impacts on the environment. But this fish comes with a high price tag. But it may be healthier than farmed salmon.

Should You Opt for Frozen or Fresh Salmon?

The majority of salmon is available frozen after it is caught. Freezing it can preserve its quality and flavour. But if you want fresh salmon, you must get it locally and during the right season.

Remember that just because salmon is frozen doe not mean it has inferior quality. The flash-freezing process is important to lock in its freshness, ensuring the meat arrives at your doorstep with the quality and flavour you are looking for.